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What we do

At its core Michaelides & Vermaas is about making a difference in people's lives.They are committed to looking for ways in which to make a difference which will benefit not only their patients, but the community at large.

If you suspect you may have a hearing problem, have normal hearing but are struggling to understand speech in noise, or you struggle with "ringing" (tinnitus) in your ears,  do not hesitate to contact Angela & Renate. M & V are qualified Audiologists with a four year Honours University degree. They assist people who are existing, and prospective, users of hearing aids.

Miichaelides & Vermaas are trained in the prevention, diagnosis and non-medical treatment of hearing in adults. A doctor's referral is not necessary to be able to visit an audiologist. Angela & Renate will conduct a thorough diagnostic examination of your hearing in order to determine the nature and degree of your problem. If no medical intervention is indicated, M & V will be able to make suggestions regarding the type of hearing aid necessary in order to meet your specific needs and budget.

Why Michaelides & Vermaas ?

  • We have 25 years experience
  • We are consistent in our service
  • M & V are professional and have support staff who assist in servicing our patients
  • Ongoing personalised customer service
  • We are at the forefront of updating our knowledge in our field by attending seminars and conferences regularly
  • We continuously invest funds in our practice by purchasing equipment with the latest technology
  • More importantly, M & V have a large community outreach project in which we service hearing aid users in Klerksdorp and on the Platteland