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Suspect you have a
hearing problem?

Michaelides & Vermaas are trained in the prevention, diagnosis and non-medical treatment of hearing in adults.

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Your Hearing Care Provider
since 1992!

Michaelides & Vermaas has served the community of Klerksdorp since 1992. Let us assist you!

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Hear & experience all
the sounds of life!

We firmly believe that everyone's hearing is precious.
If you believe you have any hearing problems, let us assist you!

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Why Michaelides & Vermaas ?

  • We have

    Over 30 years experience in the audiology industry.

  • Our service

    Is professional and consistent for all our patients.

  • Our support staff

    Are excellent and assist in servicing our patients.

  • Our patients

    Enjoy ongoing personalised customer service

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About Us:

What do we do

At its core Michaelides & Vermaas is about making a difference in people’s lives.They are committed to looking for ways in which to make a difference which will benefit not only their patients, but the community at large.

If you suspect you may have a hearing problem, have normal hearing but are struggling to understand speech in noise, or you struggle with “ringing” (tinnitus) in your ears,  do not hesitate to contact Angela & Renate. M & V are qualified Audiologists with a four year Honours University degree. They assist people who are existing, and prospective, users of hearing aids.

Your Hearing since 1992.
Doctor inserting hearing aid in senior's ear

Hearing Tests

It is impossible to choose the correct hearing aid without first having your hearing assessed. A full diagnostic evaluation of your hearing will first have to be conducted.


Industrial Services

We offer a range of services like pure tone air conduction audiometry, Pure tone bone conduction audiometry and more! Find our what else we offer by clicking the button below.


Hearing Aids

We have a large selection of hearing aids, hearing protection, Dri Aid, batteries, accessories and more. View our full list of products we offer by clicking the button below.


Service & Repair

On site repairs would include cleaning and checking of hearing aids, replacing of earmould tubings and replacement of most battery doors. Click below to learn more.



Tinnitus is defined as the perception of sound in the absence of an external sound source. It is commonly known as a “head noise”, “ear noise” or “ringing in the ears”. 

Let us assist you with We are here to help!

Not sure if you have hearing problems?

Most hearing problems go unnoticed for long stretch of times before you notice it.

Below is a simple hearing test from our friends at Phonak that will only take 5 minutes of your time!

Why Choose Us

Meet our Dynamic & Professional Team

Angela Michaelides


Renate Vermaas



Patient Care


Patient Care


Patient Care


Patient Care


What Our Clients Say

Mona Roodnick


"I have been a client of yours since 16 January 2001, and over the period of 17 years, you have both given me wonderful, caring service. Thank you.

Also to your staff they have always been very helpful and friendly. Thanks !

Keep smiling and continue with the good service you are providing to the community. God bless you all".

Call Us:

018 468-6393 | 018 468 8173

Find Us:

42 Central Ave, Flamwood. Klerksdorp

Operating Hours:

Mon - Thur : 08.00 – 17.00 Friday: 08.00 - 16:30 Saturday & Sunday: Closed