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Suspect you have a
hearing problem?

Michaelides & Vermaas are trained in the prevention, diagnosis and non-medical treatment of hearing in adults.

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Your Hearing Care Provider
since 1992!

Michaelides & Vermaas has served the community of Klerksdorp since 1992. Let us assist you!

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Hear & experience all
the sounds of life!

We firmly believe that everyone's hearing is precious.
If you believe you have any hearing problems, let us assist you!

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About Us:

Our Story

Your Hearing Car Provider since 1992

Michaelides and Vermaas was founded in 1992.

The Audiologists Michaelides & Vermaas established the Hearing Centre in 1992 and have served the hearing impaired KOSH and environs community for 30 years. The highly qualified partners Angela Michaelides & Renate Vermaas fulfill the hearing needs of all their clients –including the newborn babies whom they service after birth. Their many years existence in the hearing industry is a testament to their professional service. Angela & Renate regularly attend seminars and conferences in order to update their knowledge with the newest technology and research. This ensures that they provide a comprehensive service to their clients. The partners are registered with the HPCSA and are members of SAAA (South African Association of Audiologists), SASLHA (South African Speech, Language and hearing Association) and ISA (International Society of Audiology). The partners are qualified in the area of hearing aids as well as electrophysiological testing.

Free follow up service for up to 1 year. Terms & Conditions apply.

Why choose Michaelides & Vermaas?


We believe that an informed patient makes the best decisions

The more you know about hearing loss and the different hearing aids available, the better your chance of achieving success with hearing aids. That’s why we try to give you the best information in every way to give you an opportunity to make an informed decision.


Our experience offers you the special service you deserve

We have many years of experience in the evaluation, fittting and guidance of patients on the path to better hearing. This experience enables us to compile a comprehensive “better hearing” treatment protocol.


Thorough tests make sure we understand your hearing loss

Our advanced diagnostic examinations are thorough and accurate and give a comprehensive picture of what sounds and listening situations cause you trouble


Newest technology to maximize your hearing ability

We make use of the world’s best manufacturers, who spend $ 180 million and more annually on research. In this way, they offer us a range of the most advanced hearing aids available (at a variety of prices)


Exact hearing aid fitting and programming

Even the most expensive and advanced hearing aids can cause frustration if they do not adapt to your hearing loss and lifestyle. We have experience in selecting the best device for your needs based on your test results. We use advanced methods to make sure your devices are comfortable and that you get the maximum audiological enhancement


Follow-up visits provide your continued personal service

Your relationship with us extends far beyond the first fit. Your follow-up care involves the care of your hearing aid, battery supply and, if necessary, further programming when needed.


We love our work!

Better hearing and improved communication in our patients’ lives is our passion. It’s a privilege for us to assist people to reconnect with their  loved ones. We strive to make such ties stronger and are constantly motivated when we hear the success stories of a better life through better hearing

Your Hearing since 1992.